The Virtuous Leadership Cycle

Our experience is that virtuous leadership comes from a place deep within a leaders character, from their source of truth, where their values are hard wired.  True leadership occurs when truth connects to higher purpose.  They understand that with leadership comes power and they define power as the capacity to create positive energy in the organization.  They use their power to inspire action.

A leader who understands their own higher purpose, create organizations with intentional cultures where people of similar intention love to work.   They value culture as a differentiator.  They understand it is the difference between people who punch the clock and people who work because they are passionate about what they do.

These same leaders understand that the most important investment in a company is in the people, because people create high performing organizations.  They see cultural fit as more important then aptitude, because they can invest in development, but a person’s values are not easily changed.  With the right culture and the right people great companies are made.


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