ADVANCED Training in Conflict Management

Our 8 hour ADVANCED Training (including a 132-page Course Manual) provides an even deeper understanding of the TKI. For example, you will learn how certain enduring psychological traits predispose people to use different modes for resolving conflict. Once you become aware of the connection between your traits and your modes, however, you’ll find it easier to use each conflict-handling mode as needed. In this advanced course, you’ll also learn the ten key principles of group process and then you’ll learn the five steps of problem management. And finally, all these key principles and action steps are all combined in the Problem Management Organization, or PMO for short. In a nutshell, this more advanced material is precisely what will allow you to use the TKI to help resolve conflicts and problems in complex systems, including organizations, communities, and nations.

Course Outline:
  1. Welcome and Overview
  2. Learning Outcomes
  3. Seeing the Big Picture and the Eight Tracks
  4. Foundations of Conflict Management
  5. Foundations of Psychological Type
  6. Group Process and the Process Observer (PO)
  7. Introduction to Problem Management
  8. Analyzing the Paul Marshall’s Department Stores Case
  9. The Nature of Problems: Simple vs. Complex
  10. The Problem Management Organization (PMO)
  11. Graduation and Certificate

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