Critical Thinking Course

Building on what you learn from our previous courses, in our 6 hour Critical Thinking Course (including a 96-page Course Manual), you’ll learn how to uncover the false assumptions behind your most cherished beliefs, which is based on the powerful method of Assumptional Analysis.

Because there has been so much dramatic change in the world during the past few decades, most of us are unconsciously making assumptions about key stakeholders that ONCE might have been true, but are now clearly false. By using the steps of assumptional analysis (in the second track of eight tracks of quantum transformation), you’ll be able to uncover and then revise your false assumptions, so your decisions and actions will now be based on today’s updated reality, not yesterday’s outdated fantasy.

Course Outline:
  1. Welcome and Overview
  2. Seeing the Big Picture and the Eight Tracks
  3. Reviewing Problem Management: The Five Steps
  4. Two Inquiring Systems: The Lockean and the Hegelian Method
  5. Assumptional Analysis: The Descriptive and the Normative Approach
  6. Using Descriptive Assumptional Analysis for Atwater County Hospital East
  7. The PMO for Addressing the Most Complex/Important Problems
  8. Applying What We Learned: Normative Assumptional Analysis
  9. Graduation and Certificate

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