Culture Management Course

Building on all that is learned in the ADVANCED course, our 6 hour course on Culture Management (including a 130-page Course Manual) focuses on the culture track, the first of eight tracks for succeeding at systemwide change and improvement…which is now termed: quantum transformation.

Without first establishing a culture that fosters trust, candor, openness, information sharing, and a willingness to work with diverse others, it will be most difficult for any work group or organization to manage its problems and conflicts successfully. Making use of our Culture-Gap Survey and a number of work sheets for identifying and closing culture-gaps, you’ll learn a very practical method—based on the steps of problem management—for establishing a satisfying and productive culture in any social system.

Course Outline:
  1. Welcome and Overview
  2. Seeing the Big Picture
  3. Introduction to Culture
  4. Identifying Culture-Gaps
  5. Taking the Culture-Gap Survey
  6. Defining Four Culture-Gaps
  7. Problem Management and Culture-Gaps
  8. Closing Culture-Gaps
  9. Taking The Belief Survey
  10. Defining Three Beliefs
  11. Congratulations

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