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Imagine your organization as a place where everyone brings their best self to work and your business results are a direct reflection of a sustainable work environment where everyone is passionate and committed-from leadership to employees.

Dragonfly Consultants provide a holistic approach to organizational culture, leadership development, and coaching to enable business transformation at all levels.


Organizational Culture

Organizational Culture
Fostering organizational cultures where the team can thrive and contribute in an environment where unique individual strengths-from ground level to upper management-are encouraged and valued.


Guiding organizations through the process of self-awareness and consciousness of what and who you are. Our assessments help companies by providing the tools to better understand emotional intelligence, teamwork, behavioral styles, and personality types.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development
Successful leaders see the opportunities in every difficulty rather than the difficulty in every opportunity. We provide programs for leaders to transform in to people who motivate, support, and inspire their team to reach their full potential.

Off-sites and Retreats

Off-sites and Retreats
We offer retreats as a part of our leadership development programs, where leaders can reflect on values, purpose, and recharge your body and mind to clarify your vision and confront challenges.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching
Our coaching approach provides a space for leaders to explore their full potential to emerge as remarkable and brilliant leaders!
The Dragonfly Effect

Small integrated acts can cause a “ripple effect” that leads to great change, transformation, depth of character, and positive impact.



The dragonfly symbolizes transformation with its source in mental and emotional maturity and self-awareness.


Power & Poise

When you see a dragonfly in flight, one understands that power is not a force, but an energy that when used positively, gets results.



Dragonflies’ lives are short, but they do it all, leaving nothing to be desired. This exemplifies the virtue of living in the moment and living life to the fullest.



The dragonfly’s movement continually adjusts, navigates complexities, and faces change with ease.



The dragonfly symbolizes resilience through reflection and strength to persevere.



Dragonfly Consultants are professional, inspiring and rigorous in their approach to coaching. They continually challenge my thinking and give me practical tools that have made a solid difference in my leadership approach.  Their coaching is paying off for me and for the people I work with.

Devon valencia

vice president, it blue shield of california

We have worked with Dragonfly Consultants since 2010. They have planned and executed training sessions on team building for our teams in both the USA and Canada. They have helped with employee satisfaction surveys and senior management professional coaching. We are pleased with their professionalism, knowledge, and the end results.

Tom Kittle


We invest both internally and externally to develop our greatest asset — our employees and leaders. The Dragonfly team has been a key part of our leadership development program with their years of experience which helped us be comfortable allowing them to take the lead in developing a unique and unconventional approach – which in the end proved to be very effective.

Tom Lacey

CEO Xperi


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Read to Lead Group Book Study

Dragonfly Consultants’ Read to Lead Group Book Study will engage, challenge and inspire you as a leader with guided discussions featuring the authors.

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Dragonfly Consultants is honored to become a certified Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB).

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