Team Management Course

As compared to our other online courses, Team Management spends relatively less time on presenting new concepts and theories. Instead, Team Management provides consultants, trainers, and work groups with expert guidance on how to make the best use of team-focused assessment tools and worksheets for experiential learning.

Concentrating on behavioral learning and change will enable groups to readily apply all the key principles and practices from the first three tracks of quantum transformation—directly into the workplace and on the job. By taking our Time-Gap Survey and Team-Gap Survey, and then exploring the illuminating results with our specially designed work sheets, you’ll learn some very practical tools for transforming the language of teamwork into actual behavior.

Course Outline:
  1. Welcome and Overview
  2. Seeing the Big Picture
  3. Holistic Team Management
  4. Introducing Time Management
  5. Taking the Time-Gap Survey
  6. Defining Five Time-Gaps
  7. Closing Time-Gaps
  8. Reuniting the Work Group
  9. Taking The Team-Gap Survey
  10. Defining Four Team-Gaps
  11. Identifying Team-Gaps
  12. Closing Team-Gaps
  13. Congratulations

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