The Complete Program

If you would like to take ALL of our online courses, you can purchase them as one complete package (at a considerable savings versus purchasing our online courses separately). You’ll have access to all course manuals (more than 800 pages of accompanying materials), just as if you had purchased the courses one at a time. And for your convenience, all courses will be available to you on the same webpage—in the recommended sequence. Moreover, if you successfully complete the four exams for:

(1) Quantum Transformation, (2) ADVANCED Training, (3) Critical Thinking, and (4) EITHER Culture Management OR Team Management, you’ll receive a special recognition to signify that you have mastered The Complete Program: Certificate in Conflict Management and Change Management.

NOTE: As additional online courses become available, The Complete Program will include them.

Program Outline:
  1. Quantum Transformation Course
  2. BASIC Training in Conflict Management
  3. GROUP Training in Conflict Management
  4. ADVANCED Training in Conflict Management
  5. Culture Management Course
  6. Critical Thinking Course
  7. Team Management Course

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